Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver – raising popularity in jewerly desings

Sterling silver became the preferred material in the jewelry industry and nowadays people choose silver jewelry over other precious metals. The main reason for choosing sterling silver accessories are mainly the attraction to its shiny and bright look, durability and color that matches every outfit. Durability and elasticity attracted designers to use sterling silver more while creating jewelry pieces. While creating more designs sterling silver raised its popularity. Sterling silver jewelry is much easier to maintain than other materials, and it is very easy to polish and clean.


Why Sterling silver

Due to the fact that pure silver is not convenient to use in the jewelry production, it has been mixed with copper or other metals in making it easier for casting. With a small percentage of the copper in the mix, we are getting Sterling Silver. Sterling silver have improved properties and is more durable than pure silver. Although traces of other metals such as copper is enhancing the tarnish. Enhanced tarnishing is not a challenge but only requires more often polish and cleaning.

Material is preferred by many consumers because they simply like it better than gold. Sterling silver have the most durability. Its soft factor makes it easy to adjust, repair and create.


Silver has been one of the brightest metals and becoming more and more popular. With the fact that its mined more often, the price of the silver remains lower than other precious metals. So that is the reason to have numerous of designs out there and people are able to afford to make the private collection of their sterling silver jewelry pieces. Because of the easier price than other metals, silver jewelry is more affordable both for creators/designers and for consumers. Consumers prefer to have an option and not limited to wearing the same design every day. They can easily find additional sterling silver jewelry pieces to update their jewelry collections.


Sterling silver is still one of the most popular metals used in production because of physical and aesthetic factors. Making the international market for jewelry designers as a result of having numerous different sizes, designs and price range. With a good value, high quality and low price, sterling silver jewelry is a perfect solution for making an own collection. Buy sterling silver as a gift and easily follow fashion trends.


Cleaning and protecting your jewelry

There is always a challenge and a question on how to keep your silver jewelry shiny. In order to avoid tarnishing or to reduce it, it is important to know how to store your jewelry. Always have in mind that when you are not wearing your silver it is important to store it in a protective cloth bag or a plastic bag.

That way you will prevent humidity getting in touch with the silver surface. As well it is important to make sure you divide your jewelry pieces and not let them rub against other pieces and objects. The scratches will enhance the tarnishing. In case of more regular wearing you can see that your silver remains shiny for a longer period of time. This is mainly because of the natural oils from the skin which are helping to minimize the tarnishing of sterling silver items.

Clean sterling silver jewelry with soft cotton polishing cloth to regain the shiny look. Gently rub and clean all the elements. Gentle handling of your silver jewelry is important as sterling silver is a soft metal that is easily scratched. If you need to brush your item it is crucial to use soft brush and with gentle movements. Another way to remove light dirt, fingerprints or makeup is to just add a small amount of mild liquid dish-washing detergent in a half cup of warm water. Gently wash the item and rinse with clean water and dry it completely before storing it in an air protective bag.

When using specialized products for cleaning, it is important to research their affect on precious stones or other materials. Deep cleaning of jewelry should be with a combination of a soft cloth with mild soap and water for the stone area. Gentle cleaning with a dip of polish cleaner on the other areas. In order to keep your silver jewelry more shiny and durable it is important to remind yourself every time that detergents and lotions can slowly erode the finish off gemstones.  Always keep sterling silver and precious gemstones away when using any other kind of chemicals. Sterling silver is affected by strong detergents, chlorine and all other cleaning products used domestically.

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