The power of jewerly

The power of jewerly

Lacking balance on an emotional, physical or mental level is directly influencing our body and health, the power of jewelry and semi-precious & precious stones is supporting in regaining the balance.

Although jewelry is very often considered as only a decoration accessory. However, crystal therapy and semi-precious stones therapies are becoming more and more popular in the recent years. Minerals from the stones through the skin are directly influencing the overall condition of our body. Influencing also a particular organs and especially on the psychological condition of the person who carries it.  Precious and semi-precious stones throughout many cultures were always highly used and respected, used on numerous occasions. Citizens of ancient Atlantis were using the stones for enlightening and in Chinese culture (5000 BC) the method was developed to heal the body with them (which is still used today). Protection and healing powers are associating on love, immortality and health in the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman culture. Nowadays, the healing process is unimaginable without the crystals and precious stones for the Native Americans.

Metals used in the jewelry designs such as Gold, Silver and platinum, are also having therapeutic properties. Changes in the emotional, physical and mental balance are directly affecting the overall health of our body and jewelry energy (metals, crystals, precious and semi-precious stones) can regain the lost balance. Power of jewelry is not a direct cure for the disease or condition; it is a powerful tool to enhance the healing process, so it is the best to combine traditional healing with jewelry therapy.


Where does healing power come from in jewelry and how to know which one suits us the best?

Crystals and stones are having the healing benefits. The stone’s minerals are being absorbed through our skin. They are enhancing the healing and balancing process rather than being the only cure you are using. The best choice for the stones or crystals is to choose the one that attracted your attention, the best explained is that actually stone “chooses you”.



Why we can find stories about negative effects of crystals and semi-precious stones”

Stones are carrying large energy potential, the amount of transmitted energy is the equal amount the stone “remembers” so that is why some believe that the stone is not giving only the benefits. To avoid any negative energy transmitted to you, it is important to remember regularly wash your jewelry, crystals and stones under the running water and even to give it to rest for certain time to regenerate it’s energy. With a right handling of your stones, you will never have any negative effects coming from them but only benefits.



What are the effects of the jewelry that contains more than one type of crystal or stone?

This kind of jewelry pieces are actually great combining idea. Mixing different types of stones are beneficial in the crystal therapy. In these cases stones and crystals are enhancing each other’s benefits and properties. We recommend you to learn more about stone’s property before usage. Always have an open mind while choosing. The stone or a combination of the stones should attract your attention.

How to maintain and recharge your stones?
There are many ways of cleaning your jewelry pieces; however, the most recommended is a regular wash with the running water. This simple process helps in maintaining the general cleanliness and shine with releasing the old energy and “memory” of the stones and crystals. As well, the strongest source of cleaning the energies of your stones is the Sun. The Sun is also recharging the stone at the same time, so you should sunbathe the stones regularly. Sunbathe your stones at least two times a month for several hours. As well, expose your crystals and stones to the moonlight two to three days before and after the fool moon.


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