Being Fit

Being Fit

Fit means that you can run long distances, lift weights, go for brisk walks and do all sport activities that you wouldn’t be able otherwise. Fit is actually training and preparing your body to easily handle the stress of harder muscular activity. Extending the limits each time for a few percentages more. If you are looking towards challenges and constant growth of your personal performances, you should always add additional challenge in your daily routine. In order to make extensions, it requires strong muscle fibres. Fibres can help deal with heavy loads, as well as a good circulatory system and cardiovascular fitness in order to pump energy around your body and nutrients.

In short this is be the state of Fit. Reasons to set your goals and lifestyle choice in this direction are numerous. To stay motivated with your decision of getting fit here are some of the benefits that should be good enough reason to see you on the track already today.

Exercises are increasing the amount of dopamine and endorphins that your brain produces. This creates the momentary improved mood known as the ‘runners high’ which causes many runners to become ‘hooked’ but it also means that over time your overall mood can change permanently for the better. Exercise will generally improve overall health, make your skin look healthier, younger and brighter. At the same time it results in a lower body fat percentage and more lean muscle. Which emphasizes all your best features and gives you a great physique. This in turn will improve your confidence. Exercising makes you stress the body and your immune system is keeping you going; during this phase.

Any cardiovascular exercise makes your heart strong as you require it to pump the blood around your body faster. As your heart is a muscle this will mean that strengthening in much the same way as your bicep would from lifting a dumbbell. It means you are less likely to suffer heart disease, heart attack or other problems. Your blood is pumping more efficiently around your body. This can help to overcome problems such as those caused by cholesterol. Better circulation will prevent your extremities from getting cold. Help you to have an even skin tone and prevent high blood pressure and associated problems.

Exercising during the day is improving the quality of sleep and reducing stress. Your body will have more oxygen pumping around your body and be healthier.
With all named benefits exercise will increase the production of growth hormone. Which has been shown to reverse many of the effects of ageing by helping you to heal individual cells. This then means that the visible signs of ageing are reversed as your body heals skin cells. Your organs are rejuvenating with the same process.

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