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It is so great to see all those amazing tips and tricks to stay fit. Looking at the model’s photos gets you inspired and feel like you will be able to become shredded already for this summer! However, have they thought about the fact that most of the girls out there are actually moms. Moms with overly busy daily schedule and two or three kids demanding every available minute in your day. Our fitness moms are proving there is time and a way to get that bikini body ready for this summer.

Following some exercise routine and program seems easy when it’s on the paper. However, when you have 45 min a day free (not including traffic) the only thing you wish for is to take a short nap or watch your favorite show. Not to mention that those 45 min will be disturbed with some homework or phone call from your office. However, there is still a chance to proudly wear that bikini this summer! We have researched, asked and collected the best tips from fitness moms that actually made it!


Make your daily plans

Do you have everything planned in your daily life? For example, you know exactly what time is your daughter finishing school. What time your son has to be taken to the football practice or you have precise list of things that needs to be bought in the grocery store today. The same thing is crucial for your fitness activities. If you are not attending group training or if you don’t have your personal trainer, you MUST have the list of workouts for every time you go to the gym. Having detailed program and list of things to do in the gym today, will make your time much more efficient. The plan will also keep you motivated to accomplish all the exercises your body needs.


Fitness moms are early birds

Many of the fitness moms we had chance to talk with says that after all day of errands and work, there is no energy or will power to do any kind of exercise or go to the gym. Which is why our fitness moms prefer to wake up earlier in the morning and do their sweating before the day starts. They say that after morning workout, they feel more energized and much easier go throughout the day. We understand that waking up even earlier sounds like a horror movie. However, after a few days this early morning start and exercise will become your routine and slowly you will get fitness addict.

Some of the fitness moms are just not into early mornings. Whatever the motivation is, they cannot find cold enough shower to wake them up in the morning. Their advise is lunch break exercise! Their routine is to spend only few minutes for lunch. Taking healthy protein shake or smoothie and get their sweat going in the nearest gym, park or sometimes just in the office. Calories will burn and serotonin level will come up!

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80 / 20 rule

If you want to be one of the fitness moms, the main trick is to understand that 80% of the effort is food choice! No, you don’t have to calculate every single calories you take, but wouldn’t be bad to avoid fast food and to much desserts. Some of our fitness moms explained that the biggest mistake was for them to follow their kid’s meal choice and schedule. They forgot that young organism can afford to have burger and fries for dinner or late night doughnut session. Usually to make it simple they just join their kids in the dinner choice. That is actually first class ticket to big belly and uncomfortable changing clothes size.

You can fulfill your kids wishes and make them favorite dinner, but you should be smart and choose what food you will have today. Or simply cook what you want to eat rather than just what your kids want to eat. Kids who are exposed to a variety of healthy choices from a young age will adjust better when you introduce new foods to their diets. Mornings are the easiest, usually open for larger calories amount. Throughout the day those calories have to be lowered down. So for dinner you must end up eating a salad or some fruit. There are many interesting blogs and stories where you can learn about your diet and even about those magical cheating days!

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Making an excuse

Excuses are the worst thing, usually we make them to avoid unnecessary or unwanted tasks and obligations. When making an excuse to yourself that you just cannot find time for your fitness activities and you will do it next time, next year.. You are making your body an excuse to get fatter. Unhealthy or to make you feel uncomfortable in you favorite dress.

All fitness moms that started their fit lifestyle says that “today” it doesn’t have to be gym or full time aerobic session. If the day is extremely busy, they will find 10 minutes. Just log out from Facebook and do couple of squats or sit-ups. If there is no time today for the gym, they will run together in the park with their kids. Moms will play with them at home. Lifting running or making other games where they can actually find time to stretch their legs. It is not always easy!  However worldwide fitness moms are sharing that only start is difficult, later it becomes your daily fitness addiction.

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Family time

Being active as a family also allows us to educate our kids about health, nutrition, and fitness. They get excited about eating healthy foods and being strong and fit. Playtime with your kids provides an opportunity for you to clear your head and live in the moment. When you stop thinking about which bills need to be paid, which uniforms need to be ironed, or when your next oil change is scheduled, magical things happen.

Ever hear the expression: “If mama ain’t happy, then no one is happy?” A healthy mom is a happy mom, which creates a blissful environment for a family. When you enjoy what you do, your kids soak up that passion. Getting involved in fitness and smart eating teaches your kids to prioritize their health. It’s better to lead by example than to constantly lecture them about positive choices.

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