Don’t be THAT guy at the gym – Workout etiquette

So you have finally decided to leave lazy excuses behind and go to the gym. However, just packing your bag and going to the gym will not be your only struggle. There will be challenges along the way, like finding empty corner in the crowded gym, not so clean machines every time and other “side effects” from people around you.

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We have made a list of some quite typical gym members that can spoil our experience in the gym. In case you recognize yourself here, here’s a tip: You should consider a change in your routine! 🙂

Let us know in which profiles you can recognize yourself or your gym buddy.
1. Lemme take a selfie

Well what’s the other way to let everyone know about your great workout day but through some selfie moment. Although healthy motivation is always welcomed, you should really look around first before you claim the spot until finding the right angle. Maybe someone is waiting for the machine that is now your selfie background.








2. The sweaty efforts

Sweat can be the mark of hard work, but don’t let it stain your reputation. Please remember that forgetting to wipe down equipment increases the “yuck” factor for everyone else around. People sweat in the gym, at the end of the day that is the point of a good workout, however never forget to clean the seat after you finish, have the respect for your fellow gym-ers. When it comes to smelling fresh and clean? Have a rotation of at least two to three gym outfits and stay armed with a good deodorant.
3. “Friendly people”

The easiest way to pull the trigger is when you get annoyed by space invaders. Sometimes our fellow gym-ers just don’t feel the meaning of minimal personal space. In case you get this experience we advice you to politely mention that you need a little more space to safely and confidently do your weight training or speak to a staff member. It’s possible the same person has been causing trouble for other clients as well, and it may be time to intervene.

4. The loud ones

If you’re performing a near-max set, making sounds or grunting is often impossible to control, being a byproduct of the pressure that builds up in the abdomen from holding your breath during a lift. It’s when those grunts begin to resemble wounded animal noises that there may be a problem. If you’re using 10-pound dumbbells for bicep curls and it’s a struggle to lift them properly without making a prehistoric sound, consider dropping to a lighter weight where you can perform the exercise with full range of motion and full control.

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5. Keep your friendly advises for the one’s who ask

There are a million reasons why a trainer or non-trainer might be doing something, and presuming that you know why they’re doing can get quite annoying. If you really cannot keep yourself quiet, then rather ask them why are they doing it that way, if they are unsure they will ask you for advice for sure. There are no cases of people appreciating the advice when they didn’t even asked one.

6. Attention seekers 

How many time have you witnessed the real drummer in the gym? Sometimes our weights are to heavy and we accidentally drop them, but that guy who is unleashing the beast after every rep, he’s either desperate for attention or very careless. Dropping dumbbells can damage them, as well as the floor beneath, and dropping a barbell can warp the bar, causing it to bend. Bent bars make loads unstable to lift and can cause injuries.

7. Phone addict 

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There nothing more annoying than waiting for the gym equipment and you see some guy conquered it while just texting and doing nothing gym related. If you are one of them who just cannot leave the phone aside, don’t waste your and others gym time, put your mobile into airplane mode and plug back in once you have that post-workout shake in hand.



8. The social one

Up to 32 percent of gym-ers admitted to regularly interrupt their session to chat it up with friends. Sure, that’s OK for a recovery day, but most workouts should involve some amount of work. If you’re able to carry on a full conversation while on the treadmill, you aren’t doing it right!
9. Gym got talent!

We’re just minding our own business, doing our reps and burning those calories. And there he comes, the loudest music from the headphones and training his singing skills… Singing in the gym it is not only distracting to gym members, it’s flat-out annoying! Even if you are full time singer in your life, sing in your head or in the shower so the only person you’re distracting is yourself.

10. Mama’s boy

For some, cleaning up after themselves isn’t a part of their personal believes, which means leaving kettlebells, plates and other gym essentials not in their proper place. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but it sucks when you’re rushing to get in a workout and you spend half the time looking for the dumbbell or medicine ball you need.
11. Please don’t do supersetting in the peak hours!

Alternating between two or more exercises at a time is a fantastic way to maximize your time and your burn. It’s also a fantastic way to make some enemies during peak lifting hours. Claiming spots on multiple areas of the gym not only ties up more pieces of equipment at once, it forces others to wait and ask around if someone’s still there. If you really cannot finish your gym day without supersetting then please stay close to your weights and keep the phone out of the picture.

12. The “loners”

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You are not the only one in the gym, you can see that. Some of the guys just simply need one of everything, in every size, shape and color. They stand in the same spot in front of the mirror with a collection of dumbbells in every weight around them and swear they’re using them all while doing 10 different exercises. Not only that you are influencing 10 more people around you but your exercises are not as effective as they should be.

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