#Gymselfie – Can it actually help in our workout routine?


How many sweaty gym selfies you saw only today? Well you should be thankful, at least other faces and poses are in the past! 🙂 While these snaps sometimes get a bad impression. It turns out there might be some real benefits of your gymselfie. Posting photos of your workout results for all to see. This will be first of all good motivation for yourself to continue with your plan and program!



How can sweaty gymselfie actually benefit us?

Sharing photos of yourself post-workout can be just like having a team of friends waiting to cheer you on at the finish line. One of the things people love about social media is instant gratification. That instant feedback that supports our sense of confidence, motivation and keeps us push forward. Posting gymselfies may be especially beneficial to people who are new to exercise. Given that this is something new, friends and followers are more likely to comment with encouragement and support. Whether it’s your first day of training for a half-marathon, or your first time running ever, you’re bound to get a few encouraging emojis sent to your way.


Connection between likes and working out

Usually when we post a photo of landscape or some food servings, we get very few “likes”, however, when we post our face even a goofy one we suddenly get at least 5 times more reactions. You know that your followers love it when you pose for the camera. That’s because people feel closer to you when they see your face. Getting an insider’s glimpse into your workout you did this morning can heighten that sense that you really are friends. And when people feel close to you, they want you to succeed. Very soon those post of yours and reactions you get will become your motivator. Motivator to get her out of bed and start exercising each day.


Followers as your reminders

All those likes and positive reactions could go a long way toward helping you achieve your fitness goals. A pair of recent studies found that when people posted about their workouts and diets on Twitter and Facebook they lost more weight than people who didn’t. Building up your followers allows you to have a group of people who can hold you accountable. If you say you are going to stick to your calorie limit of 1,500 calories for the day, you will have followers who will ask you how you did at the end of the day.




Before you decide to motivate yourself with these selfies and connecting your social media with your workout routine, you should be prepared that you might have the opposite effect if your connections don’t respond positively or don’t respond at all. Before you upload, always ask yourself why you’re doing it.  Someone might post a sweaty selfie and not get any feedback from anyone and could actually give up on tomorrow’s gym day. Chances are, that had an impact on self-esteem in general. If you think you can handle your moment of triumph being met with crickets, then go ahead and post that selfie anyway. But if you’re posting because you’re in need of some positive, instant gratification, you have to have prepared a great workout regime so results are actually visible.

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