How to keep up with your fitness resolution list?

Did you know that taking some numbers in consideration, you have more chance to experience unexpected events than achieving the points of your New Year’s resolution? By researches only 8% of people successfully achieve their New Year’s resolution. In order for you to change your odds, we have listed couple of tips that might help you this year. The tips we have put together are actually applicable to any goal you might set for yourself, however this time we will concentrate on fitness as a part of your New Year’s fitness resolution list.


  1. Observe your mistakes from last time

Well, considering the statistics, there is some good chance you already had a few points on your list even before. If one of your goals is repeating but never achieved by now, it means you should prioritize it this time and maybe approach in different strategy. It is very important for you to learn where did your goal fail last year, what was the point that took you off the track. Maybe you didn’t make detailed plan, maybe gave up when it became difficult or you tried to hard and spent your motivation too quickly. Although nerdy, making a full analysis of what happen will actually help you understand on what to watch out this time, try to make completely different strategy this time.


  1. Great goals can stay simple

You feel so proud when you set to achieve some record breaking results or you write an essay about your specific goal,  let’s keep it simple. Your goal has to be achievable, and it is totally enough to write down only the most necessary points, only the ones that must not be skipped. That way you will focus all your energy to what’s important.


  1. Step by step

Ok, you have set the main goal, made your visualisation and created determination. Well done! That is one step closer to the result. Now put your main goal aside, try not to think about it, but think about the small behaviour changes you can make already today that can lead you to the main goal. Small steps such as going today to fill in the fridge with healthy foods, or signing up for the gym today, or research and prepare the best workout program. Set up small daily tasks, completing them will influence your motivation to keep up towards the main goal.




  1. Now it’s a good time to be stubborn!

You already know what is your main goal, right? It probably cannot happen in one day or in most of the cases not nearly soon enough compared to the time we would want. The best strategy to stay on the track and ensure winning is to make one step every day! Do at least one thing every single day with no exceptions! Repetition is important for forging habits and staying focused. Have a calendar to X off every day when you put into action at least one thing that leads you closer to your goal.


  1. Understand your body and your limits

Nothing goes as smooth as we expect, as on each road there will be some bumps. You’ll have those days where nothing goes well, or when you feel your goal even went further away from you. But remember, even professional athletes have unproductive days and lose the track. It may feel like you took huge steps backward and lost progress. It’s normal! Accept it, get back up, and start again; this is the only response you can have if you want to reach your goal!



  1. Have FUN and Stay motivated!

If the path towards you goal is not positive, something is wrong. Find a way to make at least part of it fun, at the end of the day you are creating something that you desired. If the process is something that makes you grumpy, the achievement won’t be as sweet. In fitness, commit to making each workout its own reward, and not just about losing fat or getting stronger in the end.

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