Top 4 fitness activities with mom this Mothers day

Top 4 fitness activities with mom this Mothers day

This Mothers day we promote healthy activities, the best way to spend this day with your mom is to dedicate the time to some fitness activity. This would be a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone: knock off your daily workout and spend quality time with your mom on Mothers Day!

Our suggestion is to choose one of our motivational gifts and to add up by choosing fitness activity that both of you will enjoy. If you are up for one of available fitness classes, make sure that your choice will be personalized to the fitness level of both you mom and yourself. Or choose something a bit more relaxing, like yoga or going for a walk, so you can focus more on bonding.

Here are our top 4 fitness activities to do this Mothers Day:

  1. Yoga

There are yoga classes available for all experience levels, so you can pick the class that best suits you and your mom. For beginners, a great place to start is Hatha Yoga. It focuses mainly on your posture and breathing. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, try Power Flow Yoga—a full body workout that focuses on building strength. Whichever class you choose, you and your mom are bound to feel energized and rejuvenated after this restorative session. Having Yoga class in mind, we have a perfect gift to summarize this unique day.


2. Spinning class

The good point of a spinning class is the fact that it can be adjusted to any fitness level. So both of you can enjoy and endure this form of fitness activity. The difficulty of your workout depends on the resistance level you choose for your spin bike. You and your mom can sit side by side and get lots of quality bonding time while you each do a completely different workout.


3. Gym workout

One of good ideas for fit Mothers day is to join one guided gym class. Almost every gym studio nowadays has its own army of personal trainers, you can choose to attend one of the classes where professionals are adjusting the difficulty based on individual fitness level. This can be one class idea, or long term fitness dedication that will encourage both your mom and you to improve your lifestyle, health and fitness level. To complete this idea, we recommend making the statement with one of our motivational gifts.


4. Walking or Hiking

Mothers Day is at the great weather period in most of the countries, so we believe that you can find a perfect hiking trail or a park where you can spend your fit day with mom. Take advantage and organize a long trek with your mom. Whether you choose a 30-minute walk or a 3-hour hike, there’s more than enough time for some quality bonding time.




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