Want to become fitness jewelry ambassador? Then you should ask yourself few questions:

Do you LOVE fitness and sharing your journey with others?

Do you love our jewelry and currently on the road to reach your health and fitness goals or just to sport your fit lifestyle?

Do you love social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and others?

If you said “yes” to any one of those questions, you are the right person for us. We are looking for inspiring and motivational people who live the fit life to join our Ambassador Team.

Why you should apply to become Fitness Jewelry Ambassador?


You don’t have to be a competitor, have shredded abs, or be the typical sponsored athlete. Why not? Because we understand the journey from an unhealthy lifestyle to one that loves fitness, eating healthy, and inspiring others to be better. We’ve lived it and realize that fitness is about more than just looking great.

We believe that motivation through workout jewelry is necessary for everyone and it doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning of your fit lifestyle or became a professional fitness enthusiast. Sharing our fitness journey with both it’s strengths and weaknesses, and that through our experiences we not only create a better life for ourselves, but we also give those witnessing our journey the strength and courage to begin their own.

If you are interested to become our Ambassador, inspire people, earn extra income and proudly wear our jewelry, then you should follow these steps in order to apply:

  1. Post one of our photos on your social media page, it can be any piece of jewelry that you can find in our collection, write a short caption on why you should be chosen and tag us (Facebook or Instagram)
  2. Send us an email with link of your post and short details about yourself, location, preferred social media etc… Our PR team will pick up the communication from here and ask you for any additional details. You may contact us at [email protected] and [email protected]
  3. For those who pass, we will generate an ambassador code which you can publish and invite your followers to use it while buying Fit Selection jewelry. It will provide them a discount and you will receive commission.
  4. We will not influence context and frequency of your post, at least not directly 🙂 , we are gifting our most active ambassadors every month with items from our collection. The more gifts you want, the most activity you should show to us. As well, with activity you will raise a chance for more earnings.


Increase your chances!

In order to increase your chances of becoming fitness jewelry ambassador, we suggest you to be innovative and to stand out. Only as an addition, you can create a youtube video or blog post dedicated to Fit Selection’s jewelry. We will use these tags and posts to help us decide who to choose to represent us. Stay tuned for more info and as we introduce our new Fit Selection Ambassador Team!