Fitness gifts – Make a difference in everyone’s lives

We have all been through that, the constant pop outs of shopping commercials, emails and other sales alerts can be quite overwhelming, especially in the festive time of the year. Help save yourself the stress and anxiety of frantic shopping, and to avoid giving someone an unwanted gift they will likely return or re-gift. Think outside the box this year for more thoughtful, meaningful ideas. As wellness and healthy lifestyle proves importance to us daily, from now on you should implement fitness gifts, wellness and health in your ideas. Sharing fitness gifts connected to the topic will be finally something innovative, and at the same time show your true care for someone’s well-being.

When giving someone a fitness gift, you will influence the person either to start better lifestyle or continue stronger and more motivated. Since gifting is inspired by our love and care, with fitness gift idea we will make at least a small impact to the lives of our loved ones.



Choose the meaning over price

A great gift doesn’t have to cost a lot, and with fitness gifts you will have broad choice and possible ideas from which to choose. You can always choose something that is associated to sports activities, workouts, outdoor activities. Also, it can be a gift that will be a motivation and accessory such as fitness jewelry, fitness accessories and fitness clothing.

Support a good cause

Think about what is important to the person you’re shopping for, whether it is their pets, the environment, or another specific cause. Then look for an organization working to make a difference in that area, and make a donation in your loved one’s name. Other organizations pledge proceeds or needed items to those in need, so the item you buy helps the company give back. Knowing that their gift made a difference to a cause close to their heart will likely mean a lot to them.


Make the gift an adventure – fitness gifts

What better gift could you give than time spent with you? Treat someone to a fun and unique outing that they may not have thought to do otherwise. From concert tickets and museum exhibitions to fitness classes or dancing classes, the list of potential ideas is endless. Gift new parents a date night out (with babysitting covered by you!) or send your in-laws to a new exhibition you think they’d enjoy. The memories of a fun experience will last much longer than a box of holiday chocolates.

In light with the topic we do recommend you to switch the thoughts to wellness and health and implement it through given suggestions. From now on you with fitness gifts can become synonym of health and positive attitude ambassador.



Fit Selection team made a short list of what would be interesting idea once you decide to consider fitness gifts for the next occasion.



Dumbbell Cuff Bracelet

All well known brands as well as Fit Selection jewelry have started producing these kind of cuff bracelets. Fit Selection is the first to design cuff bracelet with fitness inspiration. This bracelet will be a perfect gift for everyone who needs to be motivated, both to start or to maintain fit lifestyle. For the colors and materials, as well as ordering, please follow this link.












Dumbbell necklace

Our signature design, is the best gift you could give to any fitness enthusiast or if you wish to motivate someone for lifestyle improvement. As well, dumbbell necklace gained popularity even just as an accessory since our customers wear it in any occasion. It can be perfect anniversary gift, holiday gift or just when you feel you want to show appreciation to your important people. If you would like to know more and order your gift today, follow this link. As well, you can choose between 24K Gold plated, Rose Gold plated, Rhodium Plated and Sterling Silver 925.








Dumbbell Bracelet

A great collection of precious and semi precious stones is definitely a perfect mach for the fitness gifts idea. Not only that a triple plate dumbbell will be  a direct association to fitness, but the stones will give additional meaning to it. Each and every stone has a different properties, so once you choose the bracelet for someone it will add additional meaning to it by the type of stone you are giving. At Fit Selection shop you can find numerous stones together with explanation of properties and tips.