Crown ring – Connected triangles ring


One of the first Fit Selection’s ring designs. Choose a geometric jewelry piece for the next gift idea, this Crown ring with connected triangles will be a perfect gift following geometric and minimalist design trends.

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As a part of Fit Selection’s Geometric collection, we of course couldn’t avoid to design this beautiful simplicity in recognizable shapes. The elegance and beauty comes from the simplicity of geometric shapes, such as this Crown ring.

Many connected triangles on this ring represent eternity and infinity, which is a great statement if you are buying this ring as a gift. With Crown ring you are giving a way the message of forever love, long lasting friendship or a symbol of appreciation to a family member.

All our designs are handmade and we have made the ring collection to be with adjustable sizes, so it can be easier to choose as a present, without worrying about the fit. Triangles ring is available both in Rhodium and 24K Gold plated version, depending on your choice and preference.

This Crown ring will go beautifully with Fit Selection bracelets and/or necklaces from geometric jewelry collection, and of course it will arrive to your address packed in our elegant black jewelry box.

When choosing this item, we recommend you to review our necklaces and bracelets collection as we have a perfect match for this design. If you like mixing and matching your jewelry, then we suggest you to check out other pieces from our collection and choose one more item that will match your ring.

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