Dumbbell Necklace Special Edition Sterling silver


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This proud creation of Fit Selection team is a handcrafted Dumbbell necklace, designed to be your wearable motivation throughout the whole day and stand out from the crowd.


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It was the time for Fit Selection to create a unique special edition necklace and proudly presenting – Dumbbell Necklace Special Edition. This special edition necklace features a new triple plate dumbbell pendant.

This triple plate dumbbell necklace is  different from all other designs in the Fit Selection line.


We have decided to create this innovative design to enhance the motivational power of the Fit Selection jewelry and also make you stand out as a proud owner of this piece. This sterling silver, Rhodium plated necklace will be your personal reminder on the importance of having an active and healthy lifestyle.


For all those who enjoy bodybuilding, running, swimming and also other sports activities this would be a perfect accessory and every day motivation you can wear.


The necklace will be delivered in an elegant black and silver Fit Selection gift box with care instructions and polishing cloth to help you keep the item in pristine condition for a long time.


Our special edition dumbbell necklace can be a perfect match to any of our gemstone dumbbell bracelets, so we advise you to check out our beads collection and choose your favorite to match with this necklace.


Material: Sterling Silver (925)
Chain: solid, sterling silver chain
Finish: Mirror Shine
Plating: Rhodium


Additional information


Sterling Silver (925)




no chain, 45cm solid sterling silver chain


Mirror shine





20mm * 8mm / 6.5g weight