Garnet Dumbbell bracelet 24K Gold Plated


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Each dumbbell bracelet is handmade by our team creating an elegant combination of Garnet stone and Rhodium plated triple plate dumbbell pendant. This bracelet represents courage and success, brings the energy and its perfect solution as a motivational accessory.


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Introducing Fit Selection’s new jewelry piece – the Triple plate dumbbell bracelet with grade “A” Garnet stone beads.
Item contains a natural high-quality Garnet stone beads and 24K Gold plated dumbbell. Each bracelet is handmade by our team, ensuring every detail is on its place.

Garnet is as a protective energy stone, a stone of regeneration and energizing. Garnet stone is excellent for the manifestation of wishes and goals; its energy raises self-confidence, inspiration and creativity. Together with Fit Selection’s well-known design of triple plate dumbbell pendant, this bracelet will be a great reminder and supporter for those moments where you feel like needing an extra energy in you fit lifestyle goals. Determine your goals and achieve them easier with Garnet Dumbbell Bracelet.

The dumbbell is plated with 24K Gold to insure is long lasting and non-irritating even to sensitive skin. Standard bracelet size will easy fit 7-8 inches wrist, however, contact us directly in case you would require a customized size of the bracelet.

The bracelet comes presented in a black Fit Selection box, making it an ideal motivational gift for your favorite spotter, encouragement for your friend or family member to improve life habits or a perfect treat for yourself.

To learn more about Garnet stone as well as other gemstones used in Fit Selection bracelets collection, visit our blog.


Material: 24K Gold plated brass, Grade “A” Garnet Stone
Finish: 24K Gold plated

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