Lady’s Gold Barbell necklace


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Made from Sterling silver(925) and plated with 24K Gold, this piece is long lasting and non-irritating even to sensitive skin. This gold barbell necklace has a pleasing weight and hangs from a matching 24K gold plated sterling silver chain.


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Ever wondered what would be the perfect gift for someone who is dedicated to create and maintain healthy fitness lifestyle? With this gold barbell necklace we can ensure that your gift will be taken as a great source of motivation!

Either if you are professional or amateur fitness goer, you do understand how much the motivation is important throughout achieving your goals. Motivation can be a simple and elegant piece of jewelry that will encourage you to keep up with your goals and lifestyle. Gold barbell necklace is inspired by dumbbell as the most common fitness equipment.

Fit Selection has made this pendant based on top selling items in our shop, carefully listening what are your favorite designs and what are you looking for while choosing your motivational token.

In order to make your gift ready this necklace will be delivered in an elegant black Fit Selection gift box.

Fit Selection team is dedicated to create for you great motivation, and for the best impression we advise you to mix and match from all other pieces in our collection. For this Gold barbell necklace we have a suggested match in our bracelets collection so make sure to check out Dumbbell bracelet gold.


Additional information


11.7g with chain


47cm 24K gold plated chain


Shine polish





20mm long / 0.8 wide