Pyramid necklace 3D geometric pendant


Pyramid necklace is following minimalist and geometric trends, this necklace stands out from other designs with its possibility for matching in layering jewelry options.




As a part of our geometric design collection, we have created this Pyramid necklace.  This 3D geometric necklace is a an outline design of a pyramid, which is considered as one of the most elegant geometric shapes.  

Pyramid necklace is also believed to be able to attract energy, because of its symbolic meanings. So whether there is a birthday occasion or anniversary, this will be a great way to support someone special with both beautiful and meaningful jewelry piece. 

This Pyramid necklace comes as 24K gold or rhodium plated, and it is always perfect choice as a gift, so this necklace will arrive to your address in our signature jewelry box.Together with the jewelry box, you will receive a special polishing cloth which can be used to gently clean your jewelry in order to keep it in great condition. 

Fit Selection team designed this geometric necklace to be easily matched and layered with other jewelry pieces, making you an option to always have a new style for your daily outfits. If you like mixing and matching your jewelry, then we suggest you to check out other pieces from our Geometric and minimalist collection and choose one more item that will match your Pyramid necklace.

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75cm chain / 1.8*1cm pendant